1 place - 9 artists

ART takes place in the studio in the Amthorstraße, here in Pradl.

KUNST and WERKE are created. Works of art.

It is a place of creativity.

And a place of energy. An energy that promotes, produces, strengthens and supports art.


With Christian Erhart we have found a working home for 9 artists.

And in this group exhibition we present this KUNST-WERK-STATTE together.


In 2017 Christian Erhart opened the studio after extensive renovation and refurbishment of the building. We, the group "Die Malerinnen", were the first to find a new home here. We have been painting together for several years now. Little by little 

more and more and other artists joined in. And meanwhile the place is vibrating with creativity. It's nice to see that the various rooms in and around the house are used for crafts, creation and production. 


Our working methods and artistic approaches could not be more different.


Christian Erhart

works with clay. He shows his ceramic works. He fiddles and researches the most different techniques in pottery, such as raku firing and pit firing.

I am fascinated by the way the colors show themselves in various nuances through the firing.

His work is all about the principles of Feng Shui. - In the preliminary talk we had talked about "positive harmony", which he wants to express. But we soon realized that "positive harmony" does not exist! - there is only "harmony". Negative harmony would not be harmony, would it?!



Aleksandar Markovic

Was born in Bosnia-Herzogovina and studied at the University of Mostar at the Academy of Fine Arts. He was "Artist in Residence" in various places and is a member of the artist group "Lucido". He taught art history in Tuzla and moved to Florida in 2014, where he worked as a freelance artist. And since a few years he lives and works as an independent artist in Innsbruck.

His works deal with the human being - the head, face and body. He uses 3D pens. Through this technique the drawings and lines become plastic and extend into space. They will cross the picture space towards the viewer.


The painters

We six women, the painters, have been painting together for many years. We completed training and further education with different artists at home and abroad. With pleasure we visited - and still visit - the art academies in Bad Reichenhall and Kolbermoor. Sometimes we meet at the same teachers and lecturers, then again each one follows his own passion and interest. Together we also visit the art didacta in Innsbruck every summer. Each of us has developed individually 

and yet there is the commonality of doing, of painting. The artistic exchange is important to us in the group and enriches our own doing. Painting is a rather "lonely" job - and it helps to be able to exchange ideas with like-minded people.


And now I will briefly introduce the members and works of this group.


Angelika Eckerieder-Vogric

has been engaged in drawing and painting since her youth. 


Her work is about the perception of the world - the world outside and also inside. The works she presents here are about people, nature, becoming, existence and passing away. In the paintings she shows variations of mixed techniques in acrylic, crayon, pastel and pigments. The focus is especially on the drawing element and the versatility of the artist.



Karin Lässer

She has been working artistically since 2003 and has been a certified art therapist since 2017.


Her works here are about water. Water, which is essential to life and a point of attraction for everyone. It appears in different states of aggregation, touches all senses, calms, stirs up, can be dangerous. And Karin translates this fascination for the different moods and reflections that water creates into her paintings. In some of her pictures, it is tiny sections of the water surface that she transforms into images. She calls it: snapshots of a moving nature.



Ulrike Meissl

Ulrike graduated from the HTL for applied painting in Innsbruck and remained true to her passion. She works in acrylic and mixed media. And her works are always about people and their interaction with the environment. The nude paintings symbolize the nakedness and vulnerability of the individual. 


She paints faces, her eyes open a view into the soul and into the stories behind them, which remain unfathomable. She says: "The eye is the view outside and inside".



Birgit Neururer

Birgit speaks of her paintings as an "experiment". She lets herself be guided by the colors and forms inspired by landscapes and faces.

She started with the visual arts in 2001 and since then she has been working with different techniques and materials. In this exhibition she shows her latest works on the theme "Being a woman". It is the examination of the themes: Devotion, security, taboo, passion, the essence of woman and what it means to be a woman NOW and TODAY.



Christine Scherl

Started to deal intensively with painting about 18 years ago.

Her paintings are always somewhat "mysterious". She shows us a theater-like world. The events happen on a stage. They are surreal, fantastic, even dreamlike scenes. 

She paints people and animals, trees and flowers. Actually, we always recognize the depicted object. But she puts the individual things into completely new contexts, which are not always apparent to us at first glance.


and I, the 6th in the "Malerinnen-Runde", Angela Braster

I myself have been painting intensively since 2010. I was a student at the adult academy of the Städelschule in Frankfurt. 

The works I show in this exhibition are about Innsbruck. My home town, my view and my feelings about the city. I was away for almost 23 years - first in Vienna and then 20 years in Frankfurt. Since 2011 I live in Tyrol again and of course the view of the city has changed. In the pictures I process my memories and my current views of home.



The Kunst-Werk-Statt Pradl unites different artist personalities under one roof. We are a community of purpose and at the same time a community in which we inevitably deal with the works of others. Together we find new ideas. We experience creativity and expand our own artistic thoughts. However, there is no "manifesto" or "program" to which everyone is subordinate, but each and everyone develops in his or her own individual process. If one wanted to define the Kunst-Werk-Statt Pradl, one could call it an "artists' association for mutual support". - Or to put it simply: we are united by the joy of creative work together.



Angela Braster


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